With so many preschools scattered all over Singapore, finding the one that perfectly suits your child proves to be challenging. 

It’s important to choose the right preschool in Singapore as it lays the groundwork for a child’s lifelong learning. Preschools serve as your child’s first experience in a structured setting, where they will learn how to build trusting relationships with peers and adults. 

To make things a bit easier for you, we did the legwork for you and compiled a list of preschools in Yishun worth checking out. Read on to know more about each preschool!

1. Blossom Edugroup

With branches all over Singapore, including one in Yishun, Blossom Edugroup has been a leading provider of quality childcare and preschool education for over two decades. 

One thing that makes it stand out from other preschools in Singapore is that it emphasises inculcating moral values through everyday interactions. Through this, children not only get to learn how to build relationships but understand how the world around them works as well. 

At Blossom Edugroup, teachers will help kids develop an awareness of their personal identity, learn how to manage and express different emotions, and understand the responsibility for their actions. When learned at a young age, these skills nurture children to become confident and socially responsible individuals. 

2. MindChamps

MindChamps is one of the most widely known preschools in Singapore, so you’ve probably heard it come up many times before. 

Accessibility won’t be a problem with MindChamps because it has branches in almost every corner of Singapore. It’s the perfect option if you’re a busy parent who’s pressed for time every morning. 

Compared to other preschools in Singapore, MindChamps’ approach is more focused on how to learn things instead of what to learn. This means children will be introduced to a variety of ways of learning and processing new information. 

All teachers at MindChamps are required to undergo 200 hours of early childhood education training before getting allowed to handle children. That’s something to be expected from a preschool this big and popular. 

3. My Little Campus

You’re going to like My Little Campus if you’re a parent who wants to be involved in your child’s early education as much as possible. It follows a learning approach that includes creating close and personal connections with parents.

Helping children transition to Singapore’s rigorous formal education is a huge part of its curriculum as well. Teachers guide young learners’ transition from playtime to activity-based learning by exposing them to various play-based activities. 

That way, the element of fun remains even as they get introduced to what their first years in formal education will be like. 

It’s also worth noting that My Little Campus uses Mandarin and English in its classes, as a way of harnessing bilingualism in students at an early age.

4. My First Skool

Finally, any list of local preschools wouldn’t be complete with My First Skool.

Why? It’s one of the big names in early childhood education in Singapore, and it has branches across the island!

As with other entries on our list, My First Skool uses facilitated play learning experiences as a way of encouraging children to explore on their own and take control of their own learning process, all while having fun with peers. 

But what makes it stand out is how teachers help children learn and process new information. To find more joy in learning, children are encouraged to act out certain situations they’re interested in.